Background. Approximately 90% of Fortune 500 companies have ERGs. However, as the demographics of workplaces change and employee interests evolve, there may be an opportunity for HR professionals to partner with employees and launch a new ERG (Employee Resource Group). Therefore, the purpose of this assignment is to outline and explain the steps that should be followed to create a new ERG.

Directions. Prepare a step-by-step toolkit that captures the organization’s steps to start an ERG. The steps should be in sequential order. The toolkit should not exceed four pages. The toolkit can be either single-spaced or double-spaced. The steps should be listed in sequential order. Also, a brief explanation of each step must be included. 

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References. You will be required to research and cite at least FIVE references. Please include a works cited page at the end of this assignment. Generally, I use the APA style for references. However, if you are more familiar with another methodology – it’s fine to use it (e.g., Turabian, MLA). What’s most important is to identify five unique sources.

What steps should be included? Depending on the references you use for this project, you may see a variety of steps. And sometimes, creating new ERGs will consist of following guidelines created by your organization. That said – here are some of the steps that are generally included in creating a new ERG:

  • Determine the target audience for the ERG (e.g., Women, People with Disabilities). Notably, although the ERG has a target audience, anyone can (and they are encouraged to) join and/or participate in ERG-sponsored events
  • Create a business case for the Employee Resource Group
  • Articulate a mission statement that is tied to a business objective
  • Create goals for the ERG (e.g.,  Educating the workplace community about bias, Enhancing the company’s recruitment and retention efforts, Increasing employee awareness of cultural diversity and the impact on consumer markets, Developing members’ career skills Creating a more inclusive and connected organization, What challenges do employees confront that an ERG can support?)
  • Prepare a preliminary budget
  • Secure executive sponsorship
  • Design the structure (e.g., meeting frequency, meeting location, create roles and responsibilities)
  • Build partnerships with other ERGs at the company
  • Create a communications plan to raise the visibility of ERG work across the company and with senior leadership
  • Measure success

How should the assignment be formatted? 

#s 1-4 should not exceed four pages (you can decide if you want to use single-spaced or double-spaced) 

  1. Briefly state the purpose of ERGs in organizations at the beginning of your toolkit.
  2. List and briefly explain the steps for creating a new ERG.
  • You should include a visual to help illustrate the steps. You are encouraged to use smart art to create the visual aid. The visual aid should be a high-level overview of the steps included in #2.
  1. Explain three ways the ERG can be marketed/advertised internally.
  2. Your toolkit must include a “Resources” section. There should be at least five resources listed for additional information about ERGs. Include a header above each reference (e.g., Best Practices for Marketing ERGs, Creating ERGs for Vets, Sample ERG Landing Pages, Additional Reading: The Power of Employee Resource Groups: How People Create Authentic Change).

Last step! Create a works cited page – where a minimum of five unique resources are listed. The hyperlinks for the references should be included. The works cited page doesn’t count towards the four-page maximum. 

Creativity. You must use creativity to design the ERG toolkit, which will be reflected in your grade. Therefore, I suggest using a MS Word template. You can select the MS Word template you want to use. Here’s an example  (Links to an external site.)of a template from MS Word.  Finally, you are encouraged to design a cover page for your toolkit (notably, the cover page will not count towards the 4-page limit).

Also, try to incorporate labels, pictures, graphics, and bullet points within your ERG toolkit. etc

Audience. The audience for this toolkit is employees who have reached out to HR to seek advice about starting a new ERG. You should assume your audience has no prior knowledge of starting an ERG.  

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