Managerial Accounting- Mistakes_Made_On_The_Road_To_Innovation


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Managerial Accounting- Mistakes_Made_On_The_Road_To_Innovation
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Based on the article “Mistakes Made on the Road to Innovation”(it’s attached below), answer the following

1. Prior to about 2000, what were the primary product(s) of Eastman Kodak (EK)?
2. Chief Executive Antonio M. Perez decided to remake the company and move away fromits old products. What course of action did he initially take?
3. EK vowed in 2000 to become a leader in digital cameras. Perez’s initial strategy was
both a success and a failure. Explain.
4. Building on the mistakes made and lessons learned in recent years, Kodak was late torecognize the problem, slow to react, and then went down the wrong innovation path.Perez is attempting innovation of another sort. Explain what path he is now taking thecompany.
5. The article discuses five guidelines (listed below) for innovation. Briefly explain eachand how KD responded.a. Watch for Treacherous Shiftsb. Get Your Best People behind the Programc. Give Your New Initiatives Room to Breathe

d. Make Painful Breaks With The Paste. Don’t Confuse What Your Company Does With How It Does It







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